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F: Quaker Structure
Quaker structure was developed in the late 17th Century.

We have Members, who have joined the Society, and Attenders, who attend but have not made the commitment to join. As we do not push people into membership the number of Attenders is relatively large.

Quakers have no appointed ministers, so we have administrative posts from the membership. Posts are renewed every three years (triennium). It is unusual for any post to be held by the same person for more than six years.

The Clerk
The Clerk co-ordinates communication and facilitates Quaker business meetings.

The Elders look after the right ordering of meetings and support the meeting spiritually.

The Overseers
The Overseers look after the needs of individuals within the meeting

The Treasurer
The Treasurer looks after finance.

Administration of the Society
Each local meeting (LM)is part of an area meeting (AM). AM's meet once a year at Britain Yearly Meeting (BYM). BYM is supported by Meeting for Sufferings, with members from every AM in Britain, who meet regularly.

Quaker weddings are simply a Meeting for Worship at which two people happen to be marrying.
Quaker weddings can be especially moving occasions. The couple stand up together, when they feel the Meeting has settled and the time is right, and make their own simple pledges, in the form prescribed by law, without the intervention of any priest or official. After the Meeting it is customary for everyone present to sign the marriage certificate, a practice that dates from times when Quakers were being persecuted and it was necessary to have as many witnesses as possible.

The law at present does not support our testimony of equality, as we cannot marry same sex couples in the same way.

Quaker funerals are Meetings for Worship as we celebrate the life of a deceased person. Based typically on silence and few words, a structure may be requested by the family, but this is usually very simple. People may speak about the life of the deceased person in the spirit of a Meeting for Worship