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A short reflective course - Part 2 - Sections 4-6
For this course we suggest that you use a journal to record your thoughts and findings. You may be moved to creative writing or poetry or images. How you communicate doesn't matter. You may like to go to a Quaker Meeting and ask any questions you have. The Clerk will speak at the end of a Meeting. They will find you someone to talk to. Many Meetings hold frequent conversation or quest groups. Your Meeting will have books on any of this. Follow the Links tab on this site to 'Quaker Bookshop' to browse.

The first Tab on the website, labelled 'Quaker', has further information. Look at this first.

Section 4 - Everything is Sacred

There are many references to sacredness in every religion. Try these links from Quaker Faith and Practice.

A bold claim

Inward Life 27.37 to 27.39

All of these links give opportunity for journalling, creativity or reflection. Talk to a Quaker if you can.

Section 5 - Silence and Stillness

How often do you turn on the TV or radio or ipod for background noise? Consider some stillness as often as you can. What follows are a variety of links which may help with stillness. From stillness can arise creativity.

From Quaker Faith and Practice Active silence - also 2.13,2.14,2.16,2.17

Produced by Irish Jesuit priests (Catholic). Click on the capital letters of the language you want. Daily Christian Prayer

Produced by a Buddhist sect. The link is to a chant. Click on 'Practice' Tab on their website for a larger selection. Thitch Naht Hanh meditation

Taize chants, downloadable to mp3 player Taize chants

Section 6 - Woodbrooke Podcasts

If you like listening, rather than reading, this may be for you. Woodbrooke have much the same information as available on this website in Podcast (audio files which can be downloaded and listened to)

A short introduction to Quakers

Record your response after each podcast. Be reflective.


Woodbrooke, the Quaker training centre, has a much fuller course based on this,called Becoming Friends, with a manual and on-line website. Look at their website on the Links Tab on this site, 'Woodbrooke study centre'. Quakers offer many innovative courses at a variety of centres.

The link directly to the free demonstration of this course is here. Log in as a guest. To join, follow the instructions to get a user name.

Becoming Friends demo

Or request an information pack from Friends House (The National Headquarters)

National Quaker Website Enquiries