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Forums > Sevenoaks > Peace Poem
by Duncan Dwinell

Duncan Dwinell


The war is over! When does the peace begin?

Not when the baby drops to sleep nor the cat curls by hearth and fire.

Not at the going down of the sun nor the rise of the new crescent moon.

Not at the mountain’s summit nor at the ocean’s shore.

Not with well-meant handshakes nor a bashful ‘I’m sorry too.’

Not when frightful walls torn down and fearing gates swing free.

Not with mundane laws and funds nor holy songs and prayers.

Not when guns go silent and all the treaties signed.

Peace begins with loving your neighbour whoever that might be.

Peace begins with thirst for communion and hunger for humility.

Each act of unconditional love gives Peace another chance.

Each act of sacrificial forgiveness grows Peace another branch.

For all of these there is price and cost: your efforts and your care.

The prize of Peace? Your neighbours will have these to share.