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We do utterly deny....all outward wars, and strife, and fightings with outward weapons, for any end....and this is our testimony to the whole world.

Declaration to Charles 2nd 1661

Meeting Town:
Tunbridge Wells

1 Grosvenor Park
Tunbridge Wells TN1 2BB

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Children's Meeting:

Railway Station:
Tunbridge Wells Central 1/2 mile
Bus Station:
poor Sunday service
Car Park:
Off road, few spaces. Nearest car park is Meadow Road

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Latest Community Posts:
Hiring the building by John Spencer
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Brexit Matters by Duncan Dwinell
Thought for the week by Sue Laidlay
Re-opening our Meeting Houses by Duncan Dwinell

Tunbridge Wells is back in its refurbished building, which now includes 9 flats for young people operated by YMCA.

This has been a significant undertaking.

The meeting is looking to build up its numbers again and everyone is welcome.

The building is Now hiring its space. Please email

This extract from the works of William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania in 1726, still has a real message for the world today:

'The humble, meek, merciful, just,pious and devout souls are everywhere of one religion; and when death has taken off the mask they will know one another, though the divers liveries they wear here makes them strangers. This world is a form; our bodies are forms; and no visible acts of devotion can be without forms. But yet the less form in religion the better, since God is a spirit; for the more mental our worship, the more adequate to the nature of God; the more silent, the more suitable to the language of a spirit.'